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                EN CN
                Good stereo, to share
                Enter the audio model one key to obtain professional audio


                A professional audio production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service


                The intrinsic quality of VR36 speaks for it - six units operate simultaneously in a box only 70 centimeters wide and 31 centimeters high. In the middle of the box is a medium frequency horn driven by two 8-inch conical speakers. The tweeter unit consists of two 1-inch compression drive units, which drive the newly developed 10-degree vertical coverage waveform, and the IF unit is mounted on the same axis. In horizontal coverage angle, 80 degrees and 120 degrees can be selected. Medium and low frequency playback is performed by two 10-inch long-stroke bass units. It is worth mentioning that under 400 Hz, four conical speakers simultaneously generate power, thus ensuring a solid medium and low frequency and strong impact.

                technical parameter

                Unit type 2 *10"LF

                               2 x 8 "MF/2 x 1.75" HF

                Frequency range (+3dB) 48Hz-18KHz

                Rated Power (Program/Peak) 600/1200 W LF

                                                              400/ 800 MHF

                Impedance 16 Ohm

                Coverage angle (horizontal * vertical) 80 or 120 10.

                Sensitivity 1W/1M 98 dB LF

                                            110dB MHF

                Maximum Sound Pressure Level (1M) 141dB

                Shape size (high * wide * deep) 310 * 700 * 580 mm

                Weight 41.6 kg