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                Q212 (J8) is a three-way linear array speaker. It consists of 2 x 12 "low frequency driver, 1 angular load 10" intermediate frequency driver and 2 1.4 "outlet high frequency compression driver. 3" voice coil is installed on special waveform shaping equipment. Mechanical and acoustic designs allow up to 24 speaker vertical flight columns to be suspended at a vertical extension angle between 0 and 7 degrees with a resolution of 1 degree. The cylindrical band produces coherent coupling on the vertical plane. Due to the dipole arrangement of Nd low-frequency drivers, the abnormal 80 degree horizontal constant directional dispersion is usually controlled below 250 Hz. J8 can be used acoustically and mechanically in speaker columns or in combination with Q318. Q212 (J8) is made of birch plywood. The surface is protected by environmentally friendly paint. The front part of loudspeaker cabinet is protected by rigid metal grille, and the side and rear panels include four handles, which are convenient for handling and hoisting in peacetime.

                System Type Three-Frequency Dual 12-inch Linear Speaker

                Unit HF: 2x 2.5"

                       MF: 1x 10"

                        LF: 2 x 12"

                Frequency response 48Hz-17kHz

                Power HF: 140 W MF: 350 W LF: 900W

                Impedance HF:16_MF:16_LF:16_

                Sensitivity HF: 113dB, MF: 105dB LF: 99dB

                Sound pressure level HF: 135dB, MF: 130dB LF: 128dB

                Coverage angle 90 degrees x 1-10 degrees (H x V)

                Connection mode HF+MF:+2-2 LF:+1-1

                Weight 32.6KG

                Size 310x 700X 460mm (Hx Wx D)