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                EN CN
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                A professional audio production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service


                product description

                The V6 is a compact mid-to-high-frequency linear array speaker with an external two-way design, two 6.5-inch woofer units and a 1.75-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression driver unit, along with the leading technology of line array speaker products, two A 6.5-inch high-power woofer is housed in the cabinet. The 1.75-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression driver is loaded with a vertical coupling angle of 120 degrees and has a very uniform frequency response across the entire frequency band. Mainly used in mobile and fixed installations, stadiums, halls, sound reinforcement, performance squares, etc.

                Technical Parameters

                  Power (AES/Peak)

                  MF: 300W/600W,

                  HF: 75W/150W

                  Impedance Nominal Impedance 8?

                  Frequency Response Frequency Response (+/-3db) 150Hz~20KHz

                  Radiation angle Dispersion: (V × H) 120 ° × 20 °

                  Sensitivity (1 W/m) 110db

                  Maximum control sound pressure Maximum Spl Continuous 125db

                  Drive Specification

                  Bass MF Drive 2×6.5"

                  Treble HFDrive 1×1.75"

                  Wiring method Paralleled Neutnik Speakon MF: +1/-1, HF: +2/-2

                  Box size Dimensions (w×h×d) 578×250×320mm

                  Weight Weight 13Kg