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                EN CN
                Good stereo, to share
                Enter the audio model one key to obtain professional audio


                A professional audio production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service


                Q5 with high-pass Nd magnetic drive HF: 1 x2.5 "MF: 4x 5.5" breaks through the shortcomings of traditional heavy array, installation, superposition is more convenient, small, light and thin design. The speaker is small, but it also has high-pressure and high-definition. The bottom of the box body is provided with a metal bracket hole, which is convenient for multiple superimposed mobile performances. To satisfy the wider sound field effect, Q5 carries Q215 (LF: 2x 15") ultra-low frequency sound. It can be used for fixed installation and mobile performance in large environment.

                System type bisector 4*5.25 inch linear speaker

                Unit HF: 1 x 2.5"

                MF: 4 x 5.25"

                Frequency response 100Hz-18KHz (+3dB)

                Power 400W Continuous, Peak 1200W

                Nominal impedance 8_

                Sensitivity 110 dB/1W/1M

                Sound pressure level 136 dB continuous, 140 dB peak

                Coverage angle 90 x 7 (H x V)

                Connection mode + 1-1

                Weight 17.9KG

                Dimension 355 x 545 x 253 mm (H xW xD)