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                EN CN
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                Q215 is an active bidirectional bass reflection design with ultra-low linear array. It is composed of 2x 15 "high efficiency driving unit. The bottom of the box is equipped with metal bracket holes. The directional radiation angle of each speaker can be 180 degrees. Q215 is better matched with full-frequency linear Q5.

                Double 15-inch overweight bass speaker

                Unit LF: 2 x 15"

                Frequency response 40Hz-200Hz (+3dB)

                Power 1200W Continuous, 3600W Peak

                Nominal impedance 4

                Sensitivity 102 dB/1W/1M

                Sound pressure level 132 dB continuous, 138 dB peak

                Connection mode + 1-1

                Weight 70KG

                Size 738x 544x 800mm (Wx Hx D)