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                EN CN
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                Q182 is an active high-performance heart-shaped subwoofer, which contains two medium and long-range drive units, an 18-inch bass reflex design for the front driver and a 12-inch two-band-pass design for radiation to the rear driver. The heart-shaped pointing generated by this method avoids the unnecessary energy behind the system, which reduces the reverberation field at low frequencies and provides the maximum accuracy of low-frequency reproduction. The Q182 speaker can be used in combination with the Q210 speaker, and can be stacked on the ground or integrated at the top of the Q210 array as a separate array.

                System Type Dual Drive Ultra Heavy Bass

                Frequency response 37-115Hz (+3dB)

                Unit 1 *18 "front + 1 *12" rear

                Power 1000W (AES), 4000W (PEAK)

                Sensitivity 100 dB

                Maximum sound pressure level 130dB (continuous), 136 (peak)

                Impedance 6

                Connection mode + 1-1

                Weight 65KG

                Size 606 *700 *728 mm (H *W *D)