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                Q318 (J-Sub) is an active two-way bass reflex design. The front and rear parts of the speaker are protected by rigid metal mesh. The side panel includes eight handles. The interior consists of three 18 "drives, two drives facing the front and one driver facing the rear. This method avoids the unnecessary energy behind the system, which greatly reduces the reverberation field at low frequency and provides the maximum accuracy of low frequency reproduction. Q318 can be used to supplement various combinations of Q212 and Q210 speakers, ground stacking or flight.

                Three-drive overweight bass speaker

                Unit LF:3 x 18"High Pass Nd-magnetism

                Frequency response 32-100Hz

                Power 1600W (front)/800W (back)

                Impedance 4(front)/8(back)

                Sensitivity (1m/1w) 101dB

                Sound pressure level 130dB, 136dB

                Connection mode + 1-2 + 3-4

                Weight 106 KG

                Size 540x1100x945mm (HxWxD)