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                EN CN
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                KARA Linear Source Array loudspeaker is designed with built-in two-frequency dividing. It is equipped with two 8-inch bass units and a 3-inch diaphragm high frequency compression driver unit. Following the leading technology of linear loudspeaker products, two 8-inch high power bass units are assembled in the box. A 3-inch diaphragm high frequency compression driver is loaded on V-shaped waveguide tube to provide 110 degrees of horizontal constant coverage angle and 10 degrees of vertical coupling. Angle, in the full frequency band has a very uniform frequency response.

                System Type: Divided Frequency Dual 8-inch Linear Speaker

                Frequency range (+3 dB) : 55 Hz - 20 KHz

                Unit: LF 8"*2+HF 3"*1

                Sensitivity (1w/1m) :97 dB

                Rated impedance : 8

                Maximum sound pressure level :141 dB (peak: 144 dB)

                Rated power :500 W/1000 W/2000 W

                (Continuous/Musical Signal/Peak)

                Coverage angle 110 x 10 (H x V)

                Shape size: 250x 164x 730x 482mm

                Weight :26KG