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                EN CN
                Good stereo, to share
                Enter the audio model one key to obtain professional audio


                A professional audio production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service


                The VR10 full-frequency box is equipped with a 10-inch bass speaker and two 1-inch tweeter drivers. The compressed cavity phase plug installed in the front of the 10-inch box combines with an optimized waveform generator coupled between the two tweeters to form a 10 degree vertical wavefront, generating very thick low frequency and bright tweeters. Horizontal radiation angle has two choices: 80 and 120 and different horns can be chosen.

                technical parameter


                Unit type  1 *10 LF/2 HF

                Frequency range (+3dB)  60Hz-20KHz

                Rated power  350W (AES), 700W (PEAK)

                Impedance 16 Ohm

                Coverage Angle (Horizontal x Vertical)  80 or 120 x 10

                Sensitivity 1W/1M 103dB

                Maximum Sound Pressure Level (1M)  133dB

                Weight   18kg